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Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
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M5200 SFRA | Print |

NEW! Doble's M5200 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

See' what's inside your Transformer

doble M5200Power transformers are subject to many kinds of physical damage that can be nearly impossible to detect – until the transformer fails!

System faults, short circuits, aging or even handling during transportation may compromise the mechanical structure of a transformer. Since these problems are difficult to detect, they usually go unnoticed and worsen over time, leading to loss of performance and possibly failure.

Until recently, your options for dealing with these critical problems were limited. You could ignore them and hope for the best. Or, if you suspected damage, you could detank the transformer to make a costly and time-consuming visual inspection. And even that might not reveal the damage.

At Doble Engineering, we have built on our experience with the M5100 to develop the latest generation of SFRA; the M5200 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer. Input from users has been crucial in this development making the M5200 SFRA both user friendly and efficient as a robust field instrument.

Doble's new M5200 SFRA adds a powerful tool in your quality control and maintenance toolkit. Using Sweep Frequency Response Analysis, the M5200 allows you to “see” inside the transformer and detect even subtle changes in the mechanical structure of the core and windings – without costly detanking.

With the M5200 SFRA you can ensure that transformers meet mechanical specifications, diagnose problems early, and avoid unexpected downtime or internal inspections. The M5200 SFRA is the most effective diagnostic tool on the market for detecting mechanical problems in power transformers.

Whether you are a power utility, industrial company or a transformer manufacturer, the M5200 SFRA is an essential component of your comprehensive power transformer inspection and maintenance program.

The M5200 uses a technique called Sweep Frequency Response Analysis, a proven technique for making accurate and repeatable measurements. As compared to the “Impulse” technique, the Sweep Frequency Response Analysis technique is the preferred method for making frequency domain measurements. Here's how SFRA works: The M5200 sends an excitation signal into the transformer and measures the returning signals. By comparing this response to baseline and other results (such as from similar units), you can identify deviations and confirm internal mechanical problems.


For more information about the Doble M5200 SFRA email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


M5200 SFRA Features:


The M5200 can “see” inside transformers, so you can detect problems early, before they become costly failures.

Use it to:


  • improve the quality of your regular inspection program
  • eliminate unnecessary detanking and costly internal inspections
  • check new transformers to verify good condition
  • inspect for damage if the transformer has experienced mechanical stress
  • combat system problems, like short-circuit faults that can damage transformers
  • following earthquakes, lightning, or other environmental events


M5200 SFRA Technical Specifications


Input Power: Universal
Voltage Output: 20 V peak-to-peak at 50 Ohms
Calibration Interval: Laboratory
Recertification . . . . 2 years


Data Collection:
Test Method: Sweep Frequency Response Analysis
Frequency Range : 10 Hz – 25 MHz
Number of Points: 1000 logarithmically spaced
Accuracy: ±1 dB to –80 dB
IF Bandwidth: 10% of active frequency

Data Display:
Scaling: Linear/Log
Frequency Range : 10 Hz – 25 MHz, user defined within frequency range
Plotting: Frequency vs. Magnitude/Phase Operating
Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Dimensions: 10.0 H x 16.0 W x 15.5 D inch 25.4 H x 40.6 W x 39.4 D cm
Weight: 9 lbs (4 kg)

icon M5200_Brochure_8-20-07.pdf (231.95 kB)

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